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H-A-N-S-O to tha N...

Hey girls

I'm so excited to hear Britty's tale, even if she did try to mack on my man(yo, back off dat ass, ya ho!). lol

I forgot to tell in my speal that at the concert I yelled "Ikey-Dikey! Nicky-Dicky loves you!" The girls all laughed and he was like, "WHAT!?" LOL Does anyone else remember me and Chairbear's tales of the Rainbow Club?

Anyway...Britty, HURRY UP! I'm aching for some new Hanson info...hee hee

And BTW, who is CriedXZac, or something like that? She had pics from Cleveland from were pretty awesome. Q104 did the show and they played MMMbop all night long on that station. The girl who was standing in front of me had been to EVERY concert on this tour - isn't that NUTS?!

Well, I'm tired. Love ya'll.

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